Speed skating boots

Speed skating boots allow the freedom of movement required to perform speed skating techniques.

Lower-cut ankles permit forward flexibility, suiting the low speed skating position. The stiff shell of a speed boot is closer to the foot than in a fitness skate. This provides support and precise control over the skate.

Higher-density padding within a speed boot enables a closer fit around the heel and ankle. This helps to develop proper technique by providing a better connection with the skate.

Fit, feel and control are key qualities in a speed boot. Select a size based on measurement of your foot, making allowance for room to grow as required. Heat-moldable boots can be re-shaped to accommodate individual feet.

Lower-priced boots use less expensive materials. They're aimed at younger, less powerful skaters who don't yet need a full carbon fibre shell. Shells are a more generic shape, and provide softer padding for developing skaters.

High-end stock boots use a carbon fibre shell, shaped closer to the foot with less padding volume. Aimed at more powerful, heavier skaters, they're stiffer and stronger. This transfers more of the skater's push to the wheels without deforming. The full carbon shell also provides improved feel.

Custom boots can be hand-made from a molded plaster replica of the skater's foot. Every aspect of the boot can be personalised. At a price, they provide the ultimate fit in a high-performance skate.

Build your own speed skates and start at the boot. Buy with confidence from the real speed skating experts.