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Takino custom skates.

Take your skating to the next level on custom made carbon fibre speed skating boots. Skate faster by getting the best possible connection between you and your skates.

Takino custom skates are used by World Record holder Ioseba Fernandez and World Champion Fabriana Arias.

The world's fastest skaters use hand made custom skates because they provide the best feel.

Custom skates are shaped to the way you stand on your feet. A carbon fibre shell is hand laid around custom foot molds, giving you absolute control of your skate.

Improved feel helps to streamline your technique and reduce errors. You need less movement to maintain ideal pressure through the stroke. You get more of your power to the ground.

Fine-tuning your technique is easier.
You're more efficient.
You can feel and compare small differences between wheels.

When you choose Takino custom skates you're molded by Angeline to capture every detail in your foot.

Positives are then made from your molds, dried, packed and shipped. One-of-a-kind speed boots are then hand made on your molds from the ground up in Taiwan by Takino.

Then personalise your skates.

Thousands of colour combinations are possible, as well as custom embroidery. Scroll through the images at left to get a taste of the options available.

$   749 Deposit, payable on molding
$   749 Balance, payable when your boots arrive
$ 1498 Total


Call 0423 728 220 or Chat now on Messenger about what you want in a custom skate and make a molding reservation.