Speed skate frames

In simple terms, speed skate frames provide the connection between the boot and wheels. Wheel and bearing assemblies spin on through-axles that thread directly into the frame. The frame then bolts onto the underside of the boot.

Most important for beginner speed skaters is the appropriate frame length. Frames are available in 3-wheel and 4-wheel models and a range of lengths to suit skater size, experience and strength.

Frame length and wheel size should match a skater's level of development at all stages. Your coach will be able to recommend a 3 or 4 wheel frame at a suitable length. The right frame makes learning speed skating skills much easier.

Young skaters starting speed skating will benefit from a short frame and light weight skate. Short frames are easier to turn through a given angle, and to move from edge-to-edge. 3 wheel frames reduce the total weight of the skate.

As skaters become stronger, longer frames are more stable at higher speeds. They also let the skater apply power more effectively. 4 wheel skates provide more roll, grip and alignment under power than 3 wheel skates at the same wheel size.