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Kids Speed 3 Skate, size adjustable

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Simply the best beginner speed skate for kids

The MX Junior Skate is a performance speedskate with the new junior skater in mind. A heat moldable shell with a unique 3-in-1 footbed system makes the MX Junior the ideal extendable skate.

Get the fit right

Kids' feet are small, often narrow, and always growing.

The MX-Junior skate gives you 3 sizes in 1 skate. Removable footbeds provide 3 variations of forefoot width, foot length and height. A heat moldable shell conforms to narrow ankles.

Keep kids comfortable

You don't practice well on sore feet.

The MX-Junior accommodates varying arches, providing full foot support via the 3-in-1 footbed system.

On a skate they can control

The 3-wheel platform is ideal for its ease of handling and turning.

The skater's foot remains close to the ground with no wheel under the forefoot mount. A short wheelbase helps them master the cross-over technique. The speed of 90, 100 or 110mm wheels means new speed skaters can still go fast.

Features at a glance

  • 3 sizes in 1 skate 
  • Heat moldable, supportive shell
  • Adjustable footbeds for correct length and width
  • 3x90mm (7.7in),
     3x100mm (9.2in) or
      3x110mm (9.8in) frames, matched to skate size
  • 608RS ABEC 5 quality skate bearings

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