Speed Skates

Speed skates are lower at the ankle with closer-fitting, firm boots compared to other skates. They enable a lower skating position and more freedom of movement to perform speed skating techniques.

On inline speed skates, a longer wheelbase provides stability at higher speeds, and a larger platform to push off.

Also known as roller speed skates, they feature larger wheels designed to go further, faster. Technologies used in speed skate wheels give the skater improved feel, grip and push.

The 'race profile' shape of speed wheels also reduces rolling resistance. Specific wheels are available for indoor (skating rink) and outdoor (asphalt) use.

Coaches know that children will learn to speed skate faster on skates that fit their growing feet well and are easy to control.

Extendable skates that suit growing feet provide the best value for money when starting out in speed skating.

You can buy complete 3-wheel speed skates and 4-wheel speed skates with confidence from the speed skating experts at SkateBag.