Correct fitting of your speed skating boots

We recommend lacing your boots conventionally, using all eyelets on the boot.If you have difficulty getting the laces tight enough, lace the top 2-3 eyelets by threading them from the outside-in.

  1. Remove the index strap from the buckle to open the lace cover, and loosen the laces at all eyelets. It may be necessary to remove the laces from the top 1-2 eyelets to put the boot on.
  2. Insert your foot with your knee rolled outward while you put your toes into the boot, then as you push your foot forward, move your knee back to centre and push your heel down into the boot.
  3. Kick the back wheel of the skate gently a few times against the ground to push your heel backward into the boot.
  4. Tighten the laces across each pair of eyelets and tie off at the top, placing the lace loops flat along the tightened laces. 
  5. Finish by inserting the index strap into the buckle and tightening using the ratchet handle.

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