Correctly mounting frames to your speed skates

We recommend mounting your frames using hex-head mounting bolts from SkateBag.

Mounting bolts should have a large head contact area with the frame platform for proper fixing.

Mounting bolts should be installed and removed with an allen key/allen wrench (skate tool). Skate tools should be checked that all working edges are not worn or the mounting bolt can be damaged.

  1. Place the frame against the mounting blocks of the boot.
  2. Install a mounting bolt through the frame into the boot’s mounting block.
  3. Install bolts to the front and rear of the frame, screwing in but not tight.
  4. Align the frame on the boot, then tighten each bolt in turn.
  5. Mounting bolts should be tightened ‘wrist tight’ by an adult (as tight as possible at the wrist, using a hand wrapped around the skate tool), or ‘elbow tight’ by a child (as tight as possible at the elbow, using a hand wrapped around the skate tool).
  6. Once tightened, mounting bolts should have a minimum of 4 full threads fixed within the boot itself.

For safety, re-check the tightness of your mounting bolts each week, or if you hear any unusual noise from your skates.

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