Installing speed skate wheels correctly

To maintain the surface of the bearing bushings (the area of the frame that the bearing touches), ensure bearings and spacers are properly installed before inserting a wheel into the frame.

Installing wheels without spacers can damage the frame, axle, wheel and bearing.

  1. Align the wheel so that the axle can be pushed through smoothly.
  2. Push an axle through the frame and wheel assembly until it stops against the opposite side of the frame.
  3. Insert a correctly-sized skate tool into the axle, making sure the tool has been inserted as far into the axle as it will go.
  4. Tighten ‘finger tight’ by an adult (using only a thumb and finger on either side of the skate tool), or ‘wrist tight’ by a child (as tight as possible at the wrist, using a hand wrapped around the skate tool).

Correctly mounting frames to your speed skates

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