Ceramic Race Bearings

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Set of 16 for 4-wheel skates

Speed skating bearings for elite level racing.

Top of the line 608 bearings.

Skaters searching for bearings that roll faster for longer, can look no further. The Takino 608 Ceramic skate bearings are developed specifically for high-performance speed skating applications.

  • Inner and outer races are nano-titanium treated for added surface hardness.
  • Wear-resistant Silicon Nitride balls (Si3N4) provide a longer service life.
  • Nano-scale titanium treatment fills the surface pores, making the raceway grooves smoother.
  • Hardened, contaminant-resistant surfaces of the ceramic balls also make each bearing lighter.
These smooth, free-rolling skate bearings are precision assembled from the best components. Purpose built for speed skating.