MPC Storm Surge rain wheels (set of 8)

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Grip in the wet.

No other wheel can match the Storm Surge. This wheel has proved itself to be the difference in the rain between racing for medals, and wishing you were somewhere else
Zero-tolerance for defects and a demand for excellence in manufacturing. The MPC Storm Surge does exactly what the name suggests, it surges in the storm.
If you're racing to win and rain is even a remote possibility, the Storm Surge is your insurance policy. Insuring your performance in the wet so that your hard training doesn't go to waste because of flood damage.
Choose the MPC Storm Surge for:
  • racing in the rain
  • racing on a completely wet surface
  • skating away from anyone not wearing them
  • M-tech® pioneering flex band technology

    Available in:
    • X-GRIP - it grips on wet asphalt, simple.