Nano-Titanium Mini Bearings

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Set of 16 with adapters

Lightweight, 688 mini speed skating bearings.

For elite-level racing.

  • Weight-saving 688 size micro bearings with adapters
  • Harder, more wear-resistant balls, inner and outer races
  • Nano-scale Titanium treated surfaces
  • Precision assembly

Faster to accelerate, lighter underfoot.

This weight-saving 688 skate bearing uses nano-scale titanium treatment for inner and outer rings and balls to enhance surface hardness. The high speed bearing system uses smaller 688 bearings with an outer spacer to noticeably reduce the weight of your skates.

Nano-titanium treatment benefits the bearing with increased wear-resistance and longer service life.

Any pores on the inner ring, outer ring and steel ball surfaces are filled via the nano-scale titanium treatment, giving smoother rolling surfaces. Coupled with precision assembly, the bearings avoid shake under high-speed use, providing a smoother, easier roll.

Specifically developed for speed skating.