Honey Badger indoor wheels (set 8)

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Honey Badger wheels dominated the US indoor racing scene in 2017. Reviews across the US and around the World suggest TLTF are perhaps the best all-around wheels available today.

Honey Badgers (Blue competition core) fly around a freshly coated floor, and thanks to the Yellow flex core are equally at home or a worn floor that hasn't seen fresh plastic in some time.

The purple printed wheel is XXFirm in TLTF's nominal hardness scale, and available with either a Blue (competition, stiffer) or Yellow (more flexible) core.

A dedicated test team, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a family determined to make the World's best wheel have brought TLTF into dramatic focus.

Skate on the TLTF Honey Badger for:
  • faster lap times
  • cornering precision
  • outstanding control (thanks to DualPour wheel manufacture)
  • serious grip

    Available in XXFirm with:
    • Blue competition core (powerful skaters or ideal conditions), or
    • Yellow flex core (lighter skaters or worn floors).