Ultralight Spacer Kit

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Every wheel hub, from every manufacturer, is different.

The spin you get from your best bearings is dependent on the wheel assembly giving them an evenly-loaded environment. 

If your spacer is too long for the wheel hub, your wheels click, your bearings do not stay seated, and your wheels can come out of alignment... all when fractions of a second count. If your spacer is too short, shear load is placed on the bearing raceways, preventing free spin.

The Ultralight Spacer Kit provides a tuned gauge that measures the bearing seat depth of any wheels you're about to use, then tells you which spacer to select for optimum performance. The gauge corresponds to six sets of colour-coded precision spacers.

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  • 9.95, 10.00, 10.05, 10.10, 10.15, 10.20mm spacers (colour-coded)
  • Set of 10 spacers in each size
  • Wheel gauge with colour-coded size indicator